Sheer Gold Metallics

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Swim Top Swim Bottoms | Sunhat // Forever 21 | Sunglasses

Oh my gold!! So in case you couldn’t tell, I love all things gold, especially during the summertime. This metallic swimsuit (from Forever 21!!) is so perfect for summer and looks super flattering on. The strapless style swim top paired with the slightly high rise bikini bottoms makes for a perfect summer beach look. Along with the gold swimsuit, I am wearing a sheer coverup dress (also from Forever 21) that has a gold metallic flare to it. I LOVE how it shimmers in the sun– it really does make the gold swimsuit that much better!

My tan sunhat with the adorable “Beach Please” phrase on it is a perfect accessory to add some spark to a beach look. Yet again, I found this hat at Forever 21 (the place to shop for summer), and I am obsessed with it, especially the gold embedded sequins. I found this hat for less than $20 and it is the perfect piece to add to your summer collection!

In case beach hats aren’t your thing, I also love aviators, especially these gold ones I found super cheap from Francesca’s! Although I am eternally a RayBan fan, I also think it is necessary to have a cheap, but trendy, pair of sunglasses that you can wear without stressing too much about. My gold wrap choker is also from Francesca’s, and I found it on sale for less than $10!

~ Stay Golden ~


2 thoughts on “Sheer Gold Metallics

  1. Love your blog and your tips! Such great taste!
    Very proud of the beautiful and super smart young lady you have become. Those two characteristics have always been part of who you are.
    Great writing! Looking frorwardx to going shopping in Naples!

    Liked by 1 person

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