Chicago Bound


CK Sweatshirt | Lululemon Leggings |Adidas Superstar Sneakers | Ella Tote Bag | Ella Mini Tote | Sonix Tortoise Sunglasses

So as I mentioned on my Instagram (@neveroverdressed_), I finally left the rainy Florida weather for the (surprisingly) blue skies of Chicago!

I wanted to devote one post to an airport outfit because it can be hard to find trendy outfits that are also comfortable. So with that, I’ll get right into it!

Starting on top, my cropped short sleeve sweatshirt is Calvin Klein, and I got it on sale at Macy’s online! It is super cozy and comes in five different colors, all of which are different combinations of black, gray, and white. This top is a staple and perfectly combines trendiness with comfort.

On the bottom, I chose to wear my favorite high-waisted Lululemon leggings! As I mentioned in my previous post, these leggings are the best and go with so many different outfits. They also go extremely well with the cropped hoodie since they are high rise.

My sneakers are Adidas Superstars, and they are super popular right now because of their style and versatility. These sneakers go with countless outfits and are yet another staple for your closet.

If you are like me and are a compulsive overpacker, then you will love this black Tory Burch Ella tote bag! I carry it on the plane as my “personal item,” which is awesome because I can actually fit so much in it. I got it from the Nordstrom online website, and although it seems costly for a tote bag, it is extremely high quality and has lasted me such a long time so far. Nordstrom also carries this bag in a smaller version, which is also cute and slightly less expensive! I love ordering from Nordstrom because they have phenomenal customer service and are the best with shipping and returns/exchanges.

On the topic of Nordstrom, I also got my sunglasses from the online website as well! These “Avalon Retro” Sonix tortoise sunglasses are adorable and are probably my favorite pair right now!

I hope you love this look as much as I do! There will be more posts to come from my Chicago trip & outfits so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend! XOXO Jenna


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